Family Trust

Six core businesses

With your prominent status and to deals with numerous matters, our family trust office offers you a full range of international family wealth planning and management services. With the global knowledge of our professional team, coupled with in-depth insights into the domestic market, we can customize your own personal and family wealth planning directions, allowing you to sit back and enjoy wealth appreciation.

Global asset management
Family inheritance Planning
Philanthropy planning
Corporate Financial Advisory
Overseas financing loan
Quality life service

Family Elite Team

Our family trust office has an exclusive team comprised of R.C.W. Managers and their exclusive expert team that provides every valued customer with all aspects of financial management services.

Our expert team consists of many experienced consultants in the fields of wealth management s, family trust planning, mortgage, insurance and corporate banking. They maintain close contact with advisory teams in prosperous economic and trade regions around the world to obtain timely information on trust services, commerce, insurance and investment banking.

Through direct communication with you, the senior team will fully understand your investment needs and financial goals, providing you with fast and accurate information analysis, and formulate personalized investment plans and strategies. Review your investment portfolio on a regular basis to ensure that the wealth management plan is consistent with the established goals and implemented effectively.

Our three main strengths

We have maintained a long operating history and recognized strength in the Asia Pacific region. The following are our three main strengths:

Good corporate reputation and history:

The trust group we work with is one of the oldest trust service groups in the Asia-Pacific region. With nearly 40 years of profound experience, the group has become one of the most acclaimed and well-known companies in the industry.

Excellent elite consultant team:

Our expert team comes from different regions and fields in Asia, and has worked in the world’s top financial institutions. The expert team includes: legal advisors, accounting experts, wealth management consultants, family trust experts, investment consultants and bankers. Our professional independence ensures the consistency of our interests with our customers.

Comprehensive solution:

We deeply understand the business, financial and family challenges faced by our customers. We hope to provide one-stop comprehensive and flexible trust, agency, company and wealth planning services to meet the planning and structuring needs of different clients.