Overseas immigrations

Immigrations Services

R.C.W. Investment Group has successfully assisted families in immigration. Our experienced immigration lawyers and consultants will first evaluate the qualifications of each client and customize a detailed individual immigration plan. Therefore, the success rate of immigration applications received by us is very high.

Various immigration services provided by our company:

Professional assistance service

Overseas Study

We provide a full range of consulting services for students and families interested in studying abroad. Fully support students and their families studying abroad to understand and adapt to the life of studying abroad.

The company’s college advancement consultants will assist students with one-stop services such as school application, course selection, visa application, medical insurance and air tickets, etc.; they will also assist in arranging airport transfers and local accommodation, and provide local life guides.

Other service

Other services provided by R.C.W. Investment Group

1)  Study Tour

2)  Work arrangements and working holiday visa

3)  Working visa

4)  Immigration Mission

5)  Overseas business and property purchase

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